KHQ6 interview

We were interviewed by Demetra Maragos of KHQ6 interview, in front of the North County Food Pantry. Pete and I volunteer there. They asked about evacuating from the fire, what we did next, and the ongoing experience of losing your home in a wildfire (Oregon Rd Elk Wildfire). They also interviewed Sandy Harvey (Pantry Director) and took a tour of the to see how we all choose to help our community after the fire.

Here is the link to the video that was on the tv.

The fire began on August 18, 2023 in the afternoon and rumor has it that it was someone burning brush and it got out of hand, but nothing is confirmed. The investigation is ongoing so no names have been released and I am kind of glad “not to know”.

A friend described this past week as a “Camping Trip From Hell” and I have to agree with that description 100%. We had 20 minutes to throw things into bags and run to the car and pickup truck. So, much stuff… and so little time. We now are coming to realize all of the stuff that we did not bring. BUT, we got what was important, Peter, Valerie and Max.

There are a million stories coming out of this hardship playing tag in my mind. But, the most beautiful part of all of it is the love, surrounding us, as we walk through each day through the tragedy together.

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