3 year Tax Break for Disaster Victims

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3 year tax break? There are some credits available to apply for but if you read all the paperwork you will see that as soon as you rebuild, those credit’s disappear into thin air. The worst part is that the Assessors Office can make up the difference for their losses in tax collection during the next levy period. So, the fire disaster victims do not get a 3-year break from our high property tax assessments after all.

Here is what the Spokane Tax Assessor Announced:

Tax Relief Options for Those Impacted by Fires

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. – Spokane County Assessor Tom Konis issued a statement making wildfire victims aware of property tax relief available to those suffering from destroyed property because of the Gray and Oregon Road fires…

FAQ Guide About Destroyed Property (6 pages long) from the Washington State Department of Revenue, along with additional details on the state law. After reading through all of it, what looks most important… just in case you are a little busy with that disaster thingy.

If you have damages that exceed 20% of the assessed value on your property tax assessment, you can apply for a 3 year break on your taxes. Applications must be submitted prior to  starting construction on new improvements… 

Q15 They will prorate the taxes for this year….

Q16. What happens if I replace the destroyed property?
If the destroyed property is replaced with new construction… the taxable value for that assessment year will include the new construction value as of July 31. The total value will take into consideration the new construction as well as the value reduction due to destroyed property. The value of any portion of new construction completed after July 31 will be added to the assessment roll for the next assessment year.

Q19. How is the reduction or refund of current year taxes calculated?

Q20. If property taxes have already been paid, the county will issue a refund based on the assessed value reduction.

Q23. Can taxing districts impose an administrative refund levy for collection in the subsequent tax year based on the destroyed property adjustments?

Destroyed Property Form (PDF Application) 

Destroyed Property Form (B&W Printable Application)

State Law

Submit a Petition For Property Tax Refund


We must remember to request a refund from the Dept of Revenue, by filling out a Petition For Property Tax Refund form. Be sure to remember these three generous politicians in the next election.

Tom Konis

Spokane County WA, Tax Assessment Office Assessor’s Website Homepage:   509-477-3698

Michael Baumgartner

Spokane County Treasurer

Mary Kuney

Chair of the Board of County Commissioners and representing District 4.

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