1832 – Implementing a per-mile tax

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House Bill 1832 – Implementing a per-mile tax charge on vehicle usage of public roadways in Washington. Please click on this link and vote this proposed bill down before 12:30 pm on Tuesday, February 20, 2023. Our representatives in Olympia need to know how you feel about what they are making decisions on. You can see more of the recent bills here.

Taxes Are Too High

I already pay road and gas taxes and if you were to pass this bill it would add an additional .025 cents for every mile I drive each year on top of those. This is definitely not good news.

When you lease a vehicle the company allows a 12,000-mile per-year limit, and that would cost an additional $300 in taxes per year. Workers in our rural area commute from Elk to Spokane (38 miles each way) accumulating an average of 20,000 miles every year. This would work out to a $500 increase in taxes.

What about the miles driven in other states, how about truckers? We live close to the Idaho border so if I go visit the kids in Coeur d’Alene, I really should not pay a Washington tax on the miles driven on the Idaho roads, right? Do we need to document whenever we cross a state line so that we do not get ripped off for paying for Washington roads when we are not using them?

Our budgets are already suffering. Inflation is crazy and gas prices have already more than doubled since Biden/Inslee got into office. It feels as though politicians are so far removed from the working person’s life that they have forgotten to include us in the decision process. An additional $300 to $500 per year could easily break the camel’s back. Please do not pass this bill. Allow us to remain responsible tax-paying citizens by NOT making it impossible to continue going to work.

One thought on “1832 – Implementing a per-mile tax”

  1. Our poor rural area would put under undue financial burden on an already burdened community If HB 1832 is implemented. Our commute is not like those who live in town. We already pay at the pump. Many in our area struggle on fixed incomes. This bill is not appropriate! Please kill this bill. Thanks — concerned citizen

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