HB1899 Rebuild After Fire Helpful

HB1899 Rebuild After Fire – Helpful

Pete’s Bills is a short list of important bills that have been read and should be testified on in his opinion. If you are one of those who is happy to sit back on the couch and only complain after a law is in effect, this is probably not enjoyable reading for you. Continue reading “HB1899 Rebuild After Fire Helpful”

Emergency SB 6095 Secretary of Health Orders

Emergency SB6095...

Pete’s Bills is a short list of important bills that have been read and should be testified on in his opinion. If you are one of those who is happy to sit back on the couch and only complain after a law is in effect, this is probably not enjoyable reading for you. Continue reading “Emergency SB 6095 Secretary of Health Orders”

2023.01.17 Pete’s Bills

Pete’s Bills is a short list of important bills that have been read and should be testified on in his opinion.If you are one of those who is happy to sit back on the couch and only complain after a law is in effect, this is probably not enjoyable reading for you. Continue reading “2023.01.17 Pete’s Bills”

Unconstitutional Propane & Natural Gas


Propane & Natural Gas Restrictions

Did you know that unconstitutional bills, trying to limit the use of gas or propane for heat, cooking, or driving are being mandated by Jaydolf Insleeeeeee…

This blog is set up to represent citizens here in Elk WA. We have been tracking the Bills that are being mandated by Jaydolf over in Seattle. “The Green Machine” measures are being shoved down our throats with absolutely no constituent voting being allowed.

We the People, who are residing in rural areas of Washington state see the true insanity in these measures. We consistently experience long-term and frequent electrical outages in some of the coldest locations. A Seattle dictator is attempting to take away the cleanest and most efficient source of heating, and cooking for us. It is just totally ridiculous. Heat pumps are expensive and ineffective in extreme cold (temperatures under 34 degrees), and they require more electricity from an already overtaxed grid.


Below are links to help educate yourself about current issues that we need to know about and protest so we stand and be able to protect ourselves. Continual politician’s foley and lack of consideration is something that needs to stop, and, the only way we can do that is to band together and protest the crazy laws they are trying to enact.

Sitting on your couch at home is just not going to help at all.

Here are links that state the
‘revised effective date for 2021 codes is March 15, 2024’:

Building Industry Association of Washington

Washington State Building Code Council SBCC@des.wa.gov

This Oct 31, 2023 link states that
“public comment  is being accepted through Nov 22 on the new building code language…the state Building Code Council is expected to vote Nov 28 on whether to adopt the new policies.”:

AXIOS (Liberal) Newsletter in Seattle

The challenge in mandating electric heating in Washington state…

Clean Energy Transition Institute

In colder parts of the state like eastern Washington, the recent building code updates allow new home builders to install backup systems that run on natural gas to provide heating in the absolute coldest temperatures when a heat pump is no longer as efficient.

This Nov 22, 2022 article, section ‘Federal Funding helps with Heat Pump Adoption’ has a paragraph about HEEHRA rebates, 25C tax credits, etc:


Endless Wars

Are Endless Wars Part of Your Plan?

Not for me, I say. The endless wars that America is involved in are so counterproductive for caring for our own nation. “End Endless Wars Act” would repeal the 2001 AUMF act and make is so Congress decides who we go to war with, not the president. The guy who can’t walk upstairs without falling.

JBS Article Quote

ACT NOW: Members of Congress are seeking to enact legislation that would repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which has been used to unconstitutionally mire the United States in several foreign military conflicts.

S. 1872, titled the “End Endless Wars Act,” is sponsored by U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and cosponsored by Senators Mike Lee (R-Utah), J.D. Vance (R-Ohio), and Mike Braun (R-Ind.). If enacted, this bill would repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), enacted by Congress one week after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

S. 1872 is important because under Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution, Congress, not the president, possesses the power to declare war. By adopting the 2001 AUMF, Congress unconstitutionally abdicated this power.

Furthermore, as Senator Paul noted in his press release, the 2001 AUMF was used to unconstitutionally drag the United States into multiple wars over two decades:

The 2001 AUMF was passed days after the attacks of 9/11 to bring the terrorists responsible to justice. The wording of the 2001 AUMF was precisely worded to authorize the President to make war on those who attacked us on 9/11 or anyone who harbored them. Not a word about making war on “associated forces.” Not a word on making war on their descendants. Not a word on making worldwide war on religious extremism. But that’s exactly what the 9/11/2001 AUMF has become — a catchall for permanent war.

Since its passage, presidential administrations of both parties have used the 2001 AUMF to justify wars in over 20 countries, from Afghanistan to Libya, to Somalia, to Yemen. By not repealing the 2001 AUMF any President alone has the ability to decide where and when to engage in hostilities without congressional approval. The result has been thousands of lives lost and trillions of dollars spent in endless conflicts across the globe.

It is imperative that Congress follow the Constitution by reclaiming its constitutional powers. Ignoring the Constitution has cost the United States trillions of dollars and many lives unnecessarily lost.

Rather than continuing to engage in useless foreign wars, the United States should heed the wisdom of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. For example, in his farewell address, President George Washington said, “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.”

Contact your U.S. representative and senators and urge them to support S. 1872 and to end all U.S. intervention in foreign military conflicts.

Thank you,

Your Friends in The John Birch Society

Extreme Gun control

Extreme Gun Control is not good. I want to keep our second amendment rights intact.

Quoted From JBS Article

URGENT; ACT NOW: Congressional Democrats are seeking to use a discharge petition to force House floor votes on extreme gun-control bills H.R. 698, H.R. 715, and H.R. 2403. The former two bills both have over 200 cosponsors, and only six Republican votes are currently needed to pass them. This development comes as California Governor Gavin Newsom is advocating an Article V constitutional convention to enact similar tyrannical gun controls over the entire United States. Contact your U.S. representative (along with your two senators) and urge them to strongly oppose dangerous, unconstitutional bills.

Members of Congress are seeking to pass extreme and unconstitutional gun-control legislation that would effectively nullify the Second Amendment.

The tragic shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 27 has given leftists another excuse to push their predetermined goal of civilian disarmament. Notably, they are conveniently ignoring the cause of the shooting — a radical, gender-confused individual who allegedly had a hatred for Christians — along with broader radicalization among “LGBT” individuals.

Unfortunately, many Republican politicians are caving to leftist pressure and joining the effort to incrementally make it impossible for civilians to defend themselves. In Tennessee, for example, Governor Bill Lee signed an executive order strengthening draconian background checks while calling on the state General Assembly to enact a “red flag” law. We must ensure that Congress doesn’t cave or restrict our God-given freedoms!

Several unconstitutional gun-control bills have been introduced in Congress. These include:

  • H.R. 698, the “Assault Weapons Ban of 2023”: This bill would ban the possession, sale, manufacture, and transfer of firearms erroneously classified as “assault weapons.”
  • H.R. 768, the “Extreme Risk Protection Order Expansion Act of 2023”: This bill would implement a national “red flag” law. “Red flag” laws are particularly dangerous as they allow the government to confiscate law-abiding Americans’ firearms — without due process or even an accusation of a crime — merely because they are labeled as “dangerous.” This violates both the 2nd and 4th Amendments. Furthermore, “red flag” laws wouldn’t even have prevented the Nashville shooting.
  • H.R. 715, the “Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2023”: This bill would enact draconian federal background checks for firearm transfers between ordinary American citizens. Expanded background checks will result in citizens needing the government’s permission to own or purchase a firearm — violating the Second Amendment — and it also would inevitably result in a national gun registry. Such a registry would enable the government to easily confiscate people’s weapons at a future date, similar to what actually happened in other countries like Australia.
  • H.R. 625, the “Keep Americans Safe Act”: This bill would limit magazines to 15 rounds of ammunition or less — this bill would not “keep Americans safe.”
  • H.R. 660, “Ethan’s Law”: This bill would Americans to store their firearms in a certain way inside their own homes — a major violation of privacy — if a minor is present. Violating the law would lead to criminal penalties, including the seizure and forfeiture of the firearm.
  • H.R. 2392, the “Pause for Gun Safety Act”: This bill would mandate a national, seven-day waiting period for firearm transfers, another unconstitutional intrusion upon the right of self-defense
  • H.R. 2403, the “Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2023”: This bill would require a nationwide background check period of at least 10 days for firearm purchases.

Regardless of the specific proposals being pushed in Congress, they are unconstitutional and only amount to advancing the Left’s civilian-disarmament schemes. For an illustration of its ultimate goal, one only needs to look at Canada, which is in the process of totally outlawing firearms.

The ability of a person to defend him- or herself is a fundamental God-given right. Stripping individuals of this right would make them utterly dependent upon the government for their very lives and allow it to strip them of other rights without fear of reprisal.

It is imperative that we protect and defend the Second Amendment. Thus, urge your U.S. representative and senators to oppose H.R. 698, H.R. 768, H.R. 715, H.R. 625, H.R. 660, H.R. 2392, H.R. 2403, and any other legislation that infringes upon the God-given right to self-defense.

Thank you,

Your Friends in The John Birch Society

First Meeting

Last week, we had our first meeting of the “FreedomPod NE Washington” group. We met at the Country Church of the Open Bible in Elk WA at 6:30 pm. We were a small group of ten and it was great getting to know each other.

Do others want to become active?

Our main goal was to find out if there were people near us who felt the calling to get involved and try to change the direction things are going. The first step in successfully doing this is to have active citizens making sure their voices are heard. We have to tell our Representatives what we want!

How do we do this?

If you have ever tried to navigate the Washington State Website (https://wa.gov) website you already know how utterly confusing and deceptive it is. It is purposely setup to be extremely NOT USER FRIENDLY. Just take a look at the home page by clicking on the link above and see if you can tell me how to find that bill about school levies that you want to investigate. If you are successful, meaning you actually find what you are looking for, then my hat is off to you.

The first step is to make sure everyone begins learning from a Free Course, manned by some ladies in Olympia.

Influencing Olympia Effectively

A Course for Activists


We went through how to sign up for the free course above and begin learning. See this previous post describing more about this course here. The first lesson shows you how to create a profile on the Washington State website. After the first lesson easy access is set. You are also armed with a bookmarked page and a login created on that site, which will make voicing your opinion easier later on.

The second lesson teaches you how to easily vote and make comments on the bills that they are working on that day over in Olympia, WA.

The third lesson… and so on, and so on…

Privacy & Security Expert

It pays to listen when a Privacy & Security Expert offers a FREE Webinar opportunity. Glenn Meder is an online privacy & security expert that will be providing a FREE webinar on:

This is FREE for people who pre-register to attend online.


5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Big Tech, Big Brother and Thieves Who Spy on You Without your Consent.

Per Tom DeWeese at American Policy Organization, the following information was received in an email today…

“…Big tech and big brother constantly know your location, all of your texts and what you are searching for. Worst of all, they can access the cameras and microphones that you already have in your house. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Big tech companies like Facebook and Google are some of the most profitable companies in the world, even though everything they offer is for free. That’s because YOU are the product. The data they collect from you is proven to be their most valuable asset. And they use that data to manipulate you. But here’s the good news…

A majority of Americans report being concerned about the way their data is being used by companies (79%) and the government (64%). So, if you feel this way, you are not alone. The problem is eight-in-ten U.S. adults think they have very little or no control over the data that government (84%) or companies (81%) collect about them.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But the truth is, reclaiming your privacy is A LOT easier than you think. The trick is, you need to know where to start.

That’s why I’ve asked my friend Glenn Meder, an online Privacy and Security Expert, to prove that in his Webinar on January 12th at 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time (7:00PM CENTRAL TIME).

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Big Tech, Big Brother and Thieves Who Spy on You Without your Consent.

You Are Not Powerless

You can protect your browser, computer, and smartphone from data thieves using simple techniques right now. Glenn is going to give you a whole bunch of free tips in this webinar. If you’re like most people and feel overwhelmed because you don’t think you can protect your data, then you need to hear the strategies Glenn is giving away for FREE!
It’s time to take back your privacy.

See you there!

Charlie Kirk

American Response to The Great Reset, A Turning Point USA Publication

Charlie Kirk and the Turning Point USA organization is a must-read for increasing your understanding of how things work. Friends from our association with the John Birch Society invited us to go see a speaker named, “Charlie Kirk” at a Valley church in Spokane. On YouTube, he has podcasts that our friends listen to on a regular basis. He was one of the best speakers we have heard.

A Must Read

The Great Reset
American Response to The Great Reset, A Turning Point USA Publication

One of the most helpful books that we got was entitled, “The American Response to The Great Reset“. On their website this book is available for a single donation, you will be glad you got it. This is a thin paperback that is an easy-read with only 39 pages.

The Great Reset TOC
The American Response to The Great Reset, A Turning Point USA Publication TOC

What is at the root of what is going on today in politics? With just one afternoon of reading, your entire outlook will turn around. Gladly, you will not be able to ignore what is going on anymore, because you will no longer be unaware. You will understand a lot more. Behind-the-scenes policies are driving the political climate in today’s world. The pictures above show the book cover and the table of contents page.

Turning Point USA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk. The organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

The College Scam
The College Scam by Charlie Kirk

The College Scam” by Charlie Kirk addresses so much about a college education that you really should delve into this one if you are putting your child through college.

The College Scam TOC
The College Scam by Charlie Kirk TOC