Chili Cooking

Chili 01 This big batch of chili cooking began on a prior day as I put beans in water to soak overnight. But, in the morning I combined the remaining other ingredients into the big roaster/slow cooker and put it on low all day and night. We grew the pinto and kidney beans, tomatoes sauce, and onions in our garden.

Chili 02Here is how the chili appears the next morning. It is a really different color after it has had the opportunity to simmer overnight. It almost looks like a different batch doesn’t it? Now, I taste and add salt or spices if needed.

Chili 04 Chili 05I add these last peppers to give it some zing and only need to be added an hour or so before you plan to eat the chili. I remove the seeds and the veins holding the seeds in the middle of the pepper to keep the heat down. If you leave the seeds in you will have a HOT batch of chili.


Be sure to use gloves to prepare the poblano peppers or you may find yourself with burning skin, a runny nose, and tearing eyes for the rest of the day. I only did that once and now I have no problem remembering to go into the art studio and grab a pair of gloves to handle the peppers.

Chili 06After I have removed the seeds and veins I put the peppers into a blender. Chili 07Pour into the chili, and stir. Let the soup simmer again about an hour before it is ready to serve. Bon appetite!

When the chili is done, are able to eat multiple meals until we get tired of it. Then I simply can the 5 quarts that are leftover to store in the pantry for later. By the way, this chili tastes better every time you heat it up. Most homemade soups tend to.

The Woelk’s are mostly self-sufficient, striving to be responsible neighbors that help to conserve resources in our community. We plant a large garden each year that supplies food all year long to us and the local food bank. Growing and cooking our own food ensures that we always know exactly what ingredients are in our food. We have high hopes this will allow us to live a long and healthy life. Contact me if you want the recipe that I used to make this.