Add Dirt & Seed

front Yard 096We begin to add dirt and seed after the rock walls are complete. Here is how it looked from the porch on the basement level. It took all summer long to make the rock retaining walls and fill in the area behind them for our front yard. Pete ended up doing the most of this work as I simply worked the garden below. The fall weather began to tell us to get moving a bit faster as we noticed winter getting ready to kick-in full blast.

front Yard 100It will not be a level yard but it will be a lot more gradual slope, giving us room to enjoy ourselves in front of the house.front Yard 102 Peter back blades smooth the fill dirt and the surface begins to take shape. What a change. The next step is lots and lots of hand raking to smooth it all out. We scatter 25 pounds of grass seed and fertilizer (16-16-16) evenly over the dirt. The seed just started springing up before the cold of winter closed everything down. Spring of 2022 will tell us if we did it right. Having a lawn in this front yard should reduce the amount of erosion around the house due to uncontrolled drainage.

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