East Rock Wall

front Yard 085The east rock wall base is level now for the first course of rock to begin. We have a rock wall on the east side slope and on the west side slope with a mound of dirt in the center between the two big fir trees. This side of the lawn will have a slope going down to the road to our garden below.

front Yard 086We leave a big enough gap between our fir tree and the wall to not cause it any harm. The largest boulders are the base of the retaining wall with gaps for the wet stuff to drain through. front Yard 087We love the tractor, and only wish that we had purchased it earlier. It has made a lot of this work a lot more doable. There is still a lot of hard hand work to place these guys so they don’t slip around.front Yard 088 There is an area on the lawn side of the wall where smaller rocks are placed to help retain the soil yet still preserve the draining capabilities. front Yard 089Pry bars and gloves and Mr. Kubota are our friends for this project. front Yard 090Peter found a boulder that is perfect to recline on, so it was put on the top of the wall for anyone to use if they happen to notice it.

fossil rock 01There are also rocks that have great prehistoric marks in them mixed in the wall. We had an archeologist tell us what this one is in-depth.front Yard 091Here is the wall almost complete.

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  1. Are you showing the work you’re getting done TOMORROW?!!!! Tomorrow is June 14th. Today is the 13th!😘. No matter, that’s a lot of hard work!!!

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