Across From Winco

Winco Homeless PanoLand Clearing

Across from the Winco parking lot this morning, in north Spokane, there was a massive land clearing/logging operation going on. I marveled at the capabilities of the giant track hoe, machinery has always gotten my attention. Once a contractor always a contractor, ya know. Anyhow, the mind gears start to roll around my mind as I wonder.

The land is on the corner of N. Nevada and E Jay Ave, in Spokane WA. This building is described as the Spokane International Academy on Google maps.

Is the school expanding?

It was a swath of land fully covered with old pines. In one day this track hoe had all of them laying uprooted in piles of lumber (decks) over 20 ft tall along the edge of the property. Wow. Take a look at the video to see how high the stack of logs is compared to the cars going by.


Winco Homeless 04Then I notice a broken-down RV parked in the back forty of the Winco parking lot. A vehicle that has certainly seen better days. There is no license on it. The windshield, door glass, and even the window in the overhead sleeper are all broken out. It must be cold as heck to sleep in there.

Winco Homeless 02There is no license and a shopping cart full of bags and garbage is parked next to it. There is a bike laying under the rear axle. Just then the back door opened and a hand threw a bowl of liquid onto the parking lot. Oooooo. A few moments later a man stepped out bringing a walker with him, he squared himself up and proceeded to walk up to the street corner to stand with a sign. You can see him on the left side of this picture.

Was this RV previously parked in those trees?

It doesn’t look like it could be driven very far. I guess it could be one way to get the homeless off of your land, simply clear cut it and move them off.

Snows 4″ Overnight

snow 02

When it snows 4″ overnight and you live in a rural area that beautiful white stuff creates some chores that need to be done.

snow 03Peter has taught me that the key thing about happiness in winter is to stay on top of the chores instead of putting them off. In other words, 4″ of snow is easy to deal with when compared to dealing with 4 feet of white stuff that is starting to get hard. Ice.  If I don’t let the snow levels get too overwhelming, the beauty of the season remains a very much enjoyed item.

snow 01Thank God for Peter Woelk. I thank my lucky stars many times during winter as I notice how much he does. I was given a considerate and dependable grown-up man who takes care of winter snow removal. He does it without complaint, guilt, or resentment! His advice is so relevant, when shoveling a roof, sidewalk, or clearing a path to the car a little accumulation is so much easier to deal with.

sled Isaac Hurley 01The larger jobs are what I think he just loves to do. We all know he loves to drive the Kubota, so, clearing the driveway and our part of the road is something that falls under the “enjoyable” chore list for him. But, still, there are a lot of people that avoid even these simple chores like a plague. After the chores are done it is time to go outside and have some fun.