Pies By Pete

Peach & Cherry PieMen Bake Beautifully

Here are two pies by Pete sitting on the counter. Contrary to popular belief, men are some of the best bakers on the planet. It is kind of a family joke, as I carry in one of Pete’s pies to a party or gathering. I can’t tell you how many times someone assumes that I was the one who bakes any pies that we bring to a gathering. Nope, you couldn’t be more wrong, it is Pete who does the pie baking in our house.

Today’s dessert selection looks quite tempting, The hardest thing for me is to walk past them without touching them as they are cooling. I’d like to stick my finger in both of them to try, but I don’t think anyone would appreciate it. The one on the left is called fresh peach pie and it is a custard type filling with pieces of sliced peaches in it. The one on the right is a normal good old cherry pie. Yummm!

When I met Peter he invited me to his folk’s house for a Christmas gathering potluck. I had no idea that there were 9 children in the family with all their children. It was quite overwhelming to try and meet all of them and try to keep any of their names straight. I was a bundle of nerves till we all played cards and told jokes filling the whole house with laughter together. I sure miss those big family gatherings and playing 3-13 together.

Dorothy Woelk was the best pie baker in the Spring Valley Mennonite Church. Her pies had crust that simply melts in your mouth. Perfect every time and gone in a flash always. Her son learned how to do this magical feat from her. Thank you, Dorothy!

I’m so glad I married a pie baker!

Cooking TV Dinners

Lasagna & Enchiladas
Lasagna & Enchiladas

Here is cooking TV dinners in advance in the Woelk house. A couple of pans with lasagna and a couple of pans with enchilada. The next step is bagging and freezing and then we have quite a few dinners that can be heated up in the microwave.

I spent a large majority of my life working more than one job while raising two kids as a single parent. This taught me to do a lot of cooking on my day off so we could have meals real easily when we got home. I still do this when I can, even though it is only Pete and me now. I guess old habits die hard.

Cooking is something I enjoy a lot and good-tasting main courses are a must. If you are wondering where the recipe came from, it was taken off of a lasagna noodle box from the store. There is added garlic and more of the good cheeses, but it isn’t altered very much from that first recipe found on the box. So, if you keep your eyes open you can discover wonderful recipes all over that are tried and true to use in your own kitchen. The manufacturers of the ingredients have a lot of experience with what they make don’t you think? It is worth a try anyhow.

Now the enchiladas are a recipe that my mom made repeatedly. I loved them so I paid attention to how she did them. I have made them so many times now that I don’t even need to think to know what we need from the store. I almost can make them up while wearing a blindfold, but the mess would be atrocious. Anyhow, I hope you are able to get a few of these kinds of recipes under your belt so you can fill your home up with delicious smells too.