Pete’s Quarantine Activities

Pete fixing truck oil pan.
Pete welding oil pan for red plow truck in the background.

Here is what Pete does during quarantine here in Elk WA. He welds up the oil pan from the red plow truck that his wife broke. I left the truck in 4-wheel-drive while we drove around looking for escaped doggies last weekend. Oops!

Clunk, clunk, clunk and bang.

We got a ride home from the neighbor, Yay! I felt absolutely terrible because I know his “to-do list” is insane already, but what can I say? Sometimes, I do the stupidest things and really regret it afterward. This is one of those times.

Pete welding oil pan.I used to always work with my Dad in the shop watching him arc weld, and he taught me to solder and weld too. It has been many years since I fixed up my first pickup truck, but the smell of the torch and metal reminds me of the folks I miss.

Pete the welder.
Pete the welder.

Honestly, I always admire how talented Pete is. He is a truly talented metal working dude, picking up steel wire and patching that pan perfectly. Not many husbands can do something like that. He does it as if it wasn’t even a big deal. Lucky me, I certainly have a keeper.