Spring has Sprung

You know Spring has sprung in Elk when getting to and from becomes an adventure in mud. Testing driving reaction times and all-wheel drive mechanisms to say the least. Some pictures of the driveway bog from today.

driveway stream mud1
driveway stream

We live on a hill so during this time of the year we have snow melt-off making little trickles of water going down the hill everywhere. The warmer weather lets the ground soften but not quite enough to absorb this water. Instead, a perfect gooey clay is produced that gets deeper when you drive over it.

driveway mud
driveway mud

Obviously, we have to limit how much we drive in this stuff if we don’t want to be spending the day rescuing vehicles that are stuck in it. Now is the time that I thank my lucky stars for the Subaru! Thank you! Thank You! It is truly an adventure to drive to town once a week right now with an all-wheel drive.

An obvious thing about this mud bog time of year is that keeping a clean house is impossible. Well, unless we all want to go nuts and clean constantly. Every doorway is a mudroom entry.

Dogs coming inside track mud everywhere and honestly, I am not willing to bathe them every time they go in and out. However, I am willing to make them stay in a specific area at this time of year.

driveway mud 3
made it!

Have you ordered something from Amazon HA HA HA! There are no deliveries, not happening now. Why? The private road leading up to your driveway is just about as bad as our driveway also.

The only deliveries that you can expect to receive are the ones you are willing to drive to the post office and pick up yourself. Sometimes, UPS calls and lets us pick up a delivery at their downtown office too. Every year we put some gravel (whatever we can afford) down but we haven’t yet won this Spring mud battle.

Winter Snow Chores

Propane Tank Before 1Chores

Winter snow chores can be fun in Elk Washington. Keeping our driveway and road cleared is always required because we don’t want to have to walk up this hill to get in and out. Necessity keeps us on top of that chore. When snow falls in larger quantities, there are other chores that are not always at the top of the list.

When the white stuff keeps piling up. It is important to keep a pathway open to be able to receive delivery of propane if we happen to run out.

Propane Tank Before 2This weekend while we were in the balmy “teen temperatures”, I noticed something. It could be really hard to get access to our propane tank at this rate. To deal with this I slip-on those sexy Sorel boots, with matching leather gloves hat, and coat. Stepping out I grab the snow shovel off of the deck and my buddy, Max, was right there with me. So we both head out to clear the walkway to the propane tank together.

Taking a couple of “before” pictures, I got busy with a shovel while Max guarded the driveway. I’m not sure what it is that he guards against, but he sits there at attention gazing off into the trees. So we are all very safe in this household. Yep.

Propane Tank After 2When I was done I took “after” pictures.

Propane Tank After 1By the way, those walkway pavers that were easy for me to put in last summer are totally impossible to locate under waist-high snowdrifts. It’s kind of tricky, as I search with a shovel for them. I thought, where the heck are they? Maybe, I should put a little reflector marking them. Another mental note-to-self to do next summer that I will probably totally forget. Finally, I hear a loud thud as the shovel hits the first paver in the walkway. Now, I can finish shoveling out the steps leading up to the tank.

Woo Hoo! It is done and we can access the walkway to the propane tank. I am happy to report that my fingertips have finally warmed back up!