Single Rose Demo

Rose Demo with Lisa Hill

This single rose reminds me of one I had in my garden named, “Sharon”. It was a bright character with a wonderful fragrance.  I will be replacing some of my roses this year, and this multi-color one is high on the list.

While attending a Spokane Watercolor meeting at Spokane Art Supply on Saturday, we painted with Lisa Hill. She had this picture of a beautiful rose that we all painted as she demoed her style of mixing colors. It was a fun morning full of painting with other artists.

There were so many curves, shadows, and highlights when I began working on this. I had to be careful not to let the challenge overwhelm me. It is a real challenge to get the values right so that the three-dimensional effects become apparent. I have to just take it one petal at a time, it is the best way for me to work it for these types of paintings.

The dark background was added later and turned out to be a fun and dramatic ending. I like the way it reveals the silhouette of the rose. I plan to dig out my photographs from my garden last year and keep practicing roses for awhile.


Dahlia Beauty

A Dahlia beauty in pink experience right after our home burned down August 13, 2023. Our neighbor, Jennifer, is an absolute green thumb who regularly does magic in her garden every year.
dahlia Pink Two 10
Her garden (it survived) after the fire, was still beautiful and abundant. Jerry made sure to bring their generator out, to be able to keep watering it. Jen shared all the tomatoes and flowers we could pick from her garden, it was a real blessing. It made me feel as though we would be okay.

dahlia Pink Two 03This painting is from one of those dinner plate Dahlia’s that we picked and I took many many pictures of. So, I could paint them later on. I hope to someday be able to produce the beauty she does every year.
dahlia Pink Two 02