Children’s Church Table

Table Mountain 01A 2nd table for the children’s church is painted for the kids at CCOB (Country Church of the Open Bible). It has a mountain and animal theme and a quote, “I lift my eyes to the mountains,” from Psalms 121:1. I start by painting a snow-capped mountain in the distance below a bright blue sky. There is a purple darkening below the mountain so that a row of evergreen trees will be able to show up.

Table Mountain 02Now the winding river leads down to a small pond or lake surface where I will paint a reflection of the mountain on the smooth water surface.

Table Mountain 03The fun starts here as I put various animals in the scenery which I will hide so that a “Where is Waldo” game can be played. There is a total of how many animals are on the table. Only the children will know.

Table Mountain 10Now I can start to add leaves to the tree going up the right side of the table which will help to hide the critters in the tree and in the sky.

Table Mountain 13

See how the leaves make it harder to see the critters here. Now, I measure to put the lettering in straight. I use a piece of chalk to make lines to follow as I paint the words, it is the best as it does not interfere with the paint.

Table Mountain 14The moose is hiding behind the “s” in the word mountains.

Table Mountain 15There are many more added grass blades in many colors, and lots of leaves until it seems right. The final step is doing two coats of polyurethane varnish so that the table top is easy to clean.

You can see the process involved with painting the first table here.

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