Big Fish Craft

big Fish Craft 10I made a Big Fish Craft for our church VBS program. The backdrop was made from a 4×8 sheet of mylar that Allison Kromer gave me, she had painted a Riverside High School backdrop on it. Allison your mylar is now, “the big orange fish” at the Country Church of the Open Bible in Elk Washington. The theme is Big Fish Bay teaching about Jonah.

big Fish Craft 03There were paper plates and about 100 clothespins used. big Fish Craft 04To the best of my figuring ability, I was able to find that 6″ diameter plates would fit in a “scale” configuration and allow for about 100 kids to do the fish. big Fish Craft 08It was a quick and fun craft to fill any free time that the children had during their program day. This image shows a very helpful assistant next to “Mr. Big Fish” who is about 1/3 complete.

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