Ranting Dust MASKS Blahhhh!

Utter Stupidity Blahhhh!

Ranting dust-mask wearing. The Governor is wrong to deny Christians the right to participate in celebrating our religion. Singing at Christmas is a way that we have celebrated the birth of Our Lord for centuries. Attending church and singing should not be something an elected official in Seattle has a right to monitor or allow/disallow.

Requiring that everyone wear a dust mask for extended periods of time as we live in forced isolation (except for the political officials) is not a viable solution to the problem of C-o-v-i-d-1-9. It is not a solution of any kind. Our population grows increasingly weaker due to in-activity & isolation, with increases in depression and economic fearfulness. Wearing dust masks for extended periods of time is downright ridiculous. It is not beneficial to maintaining good health. Masks worn, are not typically sterile, and they decrease the free flow of fresh oxygen as they recirculate moist contaminated exhaled breath. Can you spell I-N-F-E-C-T-I-O-N?

Astronauts Won’t Wear a Dust Mask

The only way a mask could protect me from contracting China Flu is if I were able to suit up in a clean sealed system similar to what auto painters, hazmat clean-up workers, or astronauts use. A fully-sealed suit with a contained bottled air supply. If we are dressed like Neil Armstrong then we are in masks that are truly safe.

Take a good look at your face mask.

We are talking about a thin cloth dust mask protecting us from molecules of virus or bacteria on particles in the air and on surfaces. Here is your sign. Yep. You can’t see individual pathogens with the naked-human-eye. Think about that. The media shows us the virus cells as seen-through-a-microscope (these guys are tiny buggers). Do you believe that wearing a face dust mask made of cloth that you can see-thru, is going to screen these microscopic particles out of the air you breathe? Dream on… I wore these dust masks every time I had to break out concrete on a jobsite. Yep. 8 years of wearing these buggers and believe me I fully understand what they are capable of screening out. They have a hard time screening out dust let alone microscopic stuff. BS and more BS from an ever more ignorant bunch of politicians.

I’m sorry, I digress (no I am not sorry).

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