Time I Spend on FB

My thoughts regarding the time I spend on FB. “More is not better”. I have changed what I share on FB by taking a more private stance on what info and images I will be sharing in the future. This is strictly a family and friends page from here on. I will only share posts that I believe my friends and family would enjoy here. I will not be sharing each and every little thing.

LESS is better!

If you want to know something, give me a call, or let’s get together and visit without a blue screen.

I absolutely refuse to debate politics, which I believe is simply a waste of time.

If you want me to debate about anything, you will have to do that in-person “face-to-face”… and even then it is highly unlikely I will engage. My having my own (different) opinions and urgently expressing them to you, will most likely NOT result in you changing your opinion or the world.

If you have enjoyed seeing posts about my profession, hobbies, and crafts;
• Art
• Needlework
• Gardening
• Outdoor Activities
They are available on my artist page for people who follow and ”like” the page at

If you signup and follow my artist page you can see the “How-to’s”, about art projects with images that show the processes and procedures I follow along with explanations while creating art.

Just in case you ever wondered what an artist does in her spare time. This artist page is also whatever else I do in my spare time that is sharable, like embroidery tablecloths, sewing, hiking, dog antics, photography, walking, gardening, skiing.

Don’t Play Koi #7

Don’t Play Koi #7

Dont Play Koi With Me #7
Don’t Play Koi With Me #7 D1018, 11”w x 11”h watercolor on 140lb WC paper

It is finished as the final part of the water kingdom for this koi is completed on her left side. Bringing the darker blues continuous behind her with a quick absence bleed of color at her back tail fin. This is how I give an impression of movement in the water there. The final touch I feel drawn to do is some darker splatters throughout the water for bubble impressions. I am pleased with her bright moving attitude! C’est Fini!

Don’t Play Koi #6

Don’t Play Koi #6

The underwater world keeps going as I proceed on her right side adding Cobalt blue, Prussian blue, ultramarine and violet. The trick for me is to not do too much. I don’t want it to be a solid background, instead, I am wanting to see variance and depth. the other side of that is that I don’t want the water to compete with the main subject of the sassy koi. Hoping to get not too much and not too little. Slowly and carefully I proceed.

Don't Play Koi With Me #6
Don’t Play Koi With Me #6 D1018, 11”w x 11”h watercolor on 140lb WC paper