Chakra Root Level 1

Chakra Root Level 1,  is connected to career, money mindset, and sense of belonging. Its colors are Red and Rose Red and it is located at the base of the spine in the tailbone area.

First, I am painting the symbol from the middle out to the exterior. This root symbol is located on the figure base so I have to be careful to preserve the image of the figure in the background. No opaque painting is allowed. In order to keep the figure separate from the background, I drop brushes full of red into the ray background, to emphasize the outline of the figure. Finally, I add darker values to retain the leg edges on the interior behind the symbol and also add shadow darkness to the symbols to keep them from looking too flat.

Chakra Sacral Level 2

Chakra Sacral Level 2, is connected to sexuality and pleasure. Its colors are Orange and Rose Orange is located right over the sacral bones of the lower back.

First, I carefully paint what looks like some off-center moons in the middle. Then adding a teeny touch of Pyroll Orange. Going in with a light Cadmium Yellow wash on the mosque shapes around the interior circle and then more pale yellow is dropped in at the outside border circle. It is truly amazing to watch how strong reds are so powerful when dropped into any yellow.

Heart & Solar Plexus 3 & 4

Heart & Solar Plexus 3 & 4

Chakra Heart Level 4, is the connection to love, relationships, and self-acceptance. Its colors are Green and Rose Pink and it is located right over the heart. First I carefully paint the symbol in opaque Sap and Hookers green. Have you ever wondered how that Hooker’s green got its name? Enquiring minds want to know.

I wet the area around the chest of the figure and drop in Viridian to get a little twang going into the rays extending out between the mastic reserved white rays of the heart symbol. This symbol is interesting to me with a Jewish-looking star in the middle of a sun? Things speed up now, as two symbols at a time are being painted.

Chakra Solar Plexus Level 3,  is the connection to personal power and the ability to channel. Its colors are orange and rose orange (salmon) and it is located on that middle cartilage that makes your ribs stay together in front. I paint the middle of the symbol with another upside-down triangle a bright pale yellow and drop a little teeny tiny bit of pyrrole orange (a powerful color) in the center of the pool and watch it spread out beautifully.  This one’s color combo reminds me of the sun, a hot and bright one. We have now got five out of the seven chakra backgrounds in. Moving right along.

Chakra Throat Level 5

Chakra Throat Level 5, is the connection to self-expression. Its colors are light and other blues and it is located at Adam’s apple of the throat.

First, carefully painting the symbol in varying blues, I think of all the air that passes through that part of the body. Blue is probably a real appropriate color for this part of the throat. I wet the area around the figure and throat and apply layers of cerulean blue, royal blue, and ultramarine repeatedly till I see the rays the way I want them.

Now I am also washing a little over the figure to be able to see how the shades are showing on that too. There is so much color information in this that I don’t want it to be too confusing or busy.

Third Eye & Crown Levels

Chakra Third Eye & Crown Levels 6 & 7

Chakra Third Eye Level 6, is the connection to intuition. Its colors are Indigo and Purple and it is located on the forehead of the figure. The third Eye symbol is just above the head on the left. It has an outer circle with two sides of pointy mosque shapes coming out of an inner circle that has an upside-down triangle in the center. I paint the symbol with a rose/purple center and indigo rays expanding across the area of the body that it affects. Now I can see the curves working together in the design.

Chakra Crown Level 7, is the connection to the divine. Its colors are white and rose and it is located at the very top of the head just like its name. A bright white and rose crown that looks kind of like a lotus blossom. The wet-on-wet painting begins. I love the way colors can flow together.  I will paint the symbols and the areas outside the figure first.

Beginning with painting the symbol in opaque rose hues with touches of red to bring up the value. I wet the area around the figurehead and the top symbol. I repeatedly apply layers of rose to the rays extending down to the head. Now, the rose shows but the white is covered up by the mastic. It will not be hard to finish this up after we remove the mastic allowing us to see the reserved white area.

Apply a Mastic Prep

The first task is to apply a mastic prep wherever I want to reserve white paper. Doing this allows me to paint wet on wet without worrying about avoiding where I will need clean white to be. It makes my hands much more sure of themselves as I illustrate.  You may also notice that as I paint, I like to have any reference information out where it is easy to see.You probably notice how confusing the darker color where the resist is, but you easily get used to it and are able to know it will look way different soon.

Sketch of Seven Chakra

Here is the layout sketch of seven chakra symbols on the figure. My first step is to research and then sketch the layout of a basic figure similar to the other figures illustrated in Michele Bourgeois’ healing book. It will soon be published then I can tell you more about it.

My concept is to treat each location as an extension of the proper color of glow emanating from the symbol across the corresponding body part in a curve.

I have to alternate the placement of symbols on both sides of the figure to fit them so they will fit in the book layout and still be readable. The glow sections also alternated from side to side being separated by white dotted curves to help divide.

7 Chakras Project

This mission, should I choose to accept it, is the 7 chakras project. A subject that I know very little about.  “Mission Impossible”, in my art world so I must hurry to get to work before the message self-destructs!

Here is what my client requested. Please paint an image of the chakras – they need to be colored correctly (2 specific colors for each) and numbered starting at the bottom.  I am open to your creative suggestions always.

  • 1 – red and rose red
  • 2 – orange and rose orange (salmon-like color)
  • 3 – yellow and rose yellow (peach-like color)
  • 4 – Green and Rose Pink
  • 5 – Sky blue and Violet (sky blue with a touch of rose)
  • 6 – Indigo and Purple (indigo with a touch of rose)
  • 7 – white and white hued with rose color

What are chakras and what do they look like? Thank goodness for Google. I was able to sort through a ton of information on the subject and was totally amazed at all that is involved. Seven glowing points partnered with different body parts are focused on for healing powers, along with colors, scents, foods, and of course the healing yoga positions. I print out the most helpful info and lay it where I can see it, to help me see things as I start to sketch ideas from the info.

Here is a sketch submitted to the client that was approved to go ahead with the chakra watercolor painting mission. Step-aside Tom Cruise! There is the; Crown chakra, Third Eye chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Sacral chakra, and Root chakra.



Seven Hummingbirds at MAC

7 Hummingbirds J1516
7 Hummingbirds J1516. 22″w x 30″h watercolor on 300lb. paper.

Seven Hummingbirds at MAC. I entered the SWS Spokane Watercolor Society Juried show at the NWMAC Northwest Museum in downtown Spokane WA. This show is now taken down and been updated with more SWS member art and it is really worth a trip down there to see.

This membership show will be up through the weekend after Thanksgiving and the admission is free. The museum has a “Titanic Artifact” exhibit that is quite phenomenal.  I was checking out their site and noticed that you can purchase NWMAC year passes that are really quite affordable when you consider being able to go see any exhibit anytime you feel like it.  Art is good for the whole family’s soul. Here are the show goodies on my dining room table.

Won a $60 prize from Creative Catalyst Productions, Inc. –
The Creative Alliance in Oregon for my entry into the Spokane Watercolor Society Juried Show 2017. I will be checking out the videos today… “Learn Art Anywhere With Confidence” is their heading on the site.

One of the SWS members had laid a copy of The Inlander, October 5-11, 2017 on the table with a paperclip showing page 31 (for me to see when I came in to do my volunteer hours). I love the way artists take care of each other. I am so lucky to be a part of this talented group! The Inlander has a picture of my painting entitled “Seven Hummingbirds J1516” at the top of their article entitled “A Fall Feast for the Senses”, by Chey Scott.

Cool huh? I would never have noticed cause I don’t always get a copy. It makes me feel great.

What Did I Do for Halloween

What did I do for Halloween?

I dressed up as an old Cajun hick needing real thick glasses and wearing my shawl with my Mardi Gras beads. My table had a small pumpkin we grew and there was some taffy for visitors to snack on.

I sat with my tablecloth embroidering hummingbirds at the MAC Museum on Halloween (yesterday).   I think more people came over and showed interest in the hummingbird tablecloth I was embroidering, than in the art on the walls, or, maybe it was just the candy. The biggest surprise was that I had put way too much makeup and stuff in my hair messing it all up for my old Cajun lady costume, and one lady said she liked my hairstyle.  That is pretty bad when you try to make yourself look a real mess, and someone mistakes it for your style. Really?

I was the “docent” (babysitter) all day for the Spokane Watercolor Society Show art. This show is up through the weekend after Thanksgiving. There are some real beauties, and the admission is free.