Inking a Snake

Inking a snake reminds me of how much I love doing ink work. I use an architectural pen (Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph) to draw these types of images. This snake character is a cylindrical object. He has a texture created by following the elliptical lines around his shape applying row after row of scale. I had forgotten how much I love doing ink work. Check out this SSSSSSSSSSSnake… I can almost hear him hissing. 😉

fun inking texture
fun inking texture
snake and rhino
talking snake


Preliminary Sketching

The preliminary sketching is complete. This children’s book is becoming quite fun! The characters are expressive and I love the African surroundings and wildlife.

pencil sketch ready - approved, and now for the ink
pencil sketch ready – approved

Sketch an African Rhino, “Bummer!” said the rhino. Here is one preliminary sketch of a rhino character for a children’s book drawn out in pencil.

Am beginning this project about a baby rhino. I love looking up the info about the animals, and locations in Africa. There is so much wildlife there. Did you know that there are black rhinos who have a prehensile snout so that they can grab branches and strip the leaves off? And then there are white rhinos that have a wide grass-eating or grazing snout? Ohhhh!!!!! and guess what, they are born without the horns, I bet their moms are saying Yay! about that fun fact!!!

Rhino Sketches

These are the first type of sketches done to begin the illustration process for a new book. As I read through the book I try to envision the character as the animal that he is, but, add some human emotion and gestures too. Like standing on his back legs, or making faces, or even gesturing with his front legs as hands. These all help to tell his story as he travels a desert expanse.


ARTWALK in Newport

Come visit me at ARTWALK in Newport THIS THURS 6-9. Please come and see new art – smaller paintings, prints, and sketches for sale at the ARTWALK  Newport WA. 6/9/2014 I will have un-framed work to help make purchases more affordable. Artists will be in many of the stores on Main Street and there will also be various goodies to taste and drink.

I will be in the North Country Clothing Shop located on the west side of the street across from the Roxy Theatre. The owners are Lynnette Elswich and Holly Baldwin, have graciously set us up for a fun evening in their beautiful shop along with great food and musicians.
129 S Washington Ave, Newport WA 99156, and phone number is 509-447-1022.

Jazz G1114

It is also “Date Night” at The Gallery: ERGJ Newport –

30"w x 15"h Watercolor of 2 dinosaurs fighting for a children's book application, tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus.
30″w x 15″h Watercolor of 2 dinosaurs fighting for a children’s book application, tyrannosaurus rex and stegosaurus.
15"w x 23"h Donkey in mid sentence telling about Jesus riding him into town.
15″w x 23″h Donkey in mid sentence telling about Jesus riding him into town.