Clothesline, Art on the Green

Coeur d'Alene ID list of art there

Here is some of the art for sale at this event this weekend, check out the individual pages to see the LOW PRICES!

Bubblemaker-$50 Sold
Butterfly Pond-$40
Dandelion Picnic Sketch-$30
Dandelion Picnic WC-$50 Sold
Deer, Three-$20
Dog, Golden Lab Oil-$25
Dog, Rottweiller WC-$20
Donkey, Then Jesus Said-$50
Elk in Trees-$30
Envy, Greed, Gluttony-$20
Ginger, Red-$10 Sold
Gull (Seagull)-$10 Sold
Horse Ink Shadows$40
Hummingbirds Pencil Sketch$20
Jazz Music-$50 Sold
Kitty Lick Color-$20
Kittens Nap Color-$20
Kitty on the Couch Color-$20 Sold
Lillies, White-$40
Orchid, Lily Ponds-$20
Pele's Hanohano-$50
Plumeria Tree Blossoms-$20
Plumeria White Yellow-$20
Portrait, Attitude E1213-$30
Rose, Red-$20
Sour Lemons Sketch-$25
Waterfall NW-$30