Art List

49 North Ski Resort Mural
49 North Mural Sketch
49 North Nursery Entry
49 Degrees North Panorama G3406
AAA Crime Scene Booth
Baby and Mom K4006
Baby Jesus L704
Bambi Encounter A194
Bee Daisy A1202
Bike N Board E0605
Bison Yellowstone L2211
Bluebird Day Valhalla B0920
Bluebirds Two H1313
Booger Boy K4206
Boy Phillipino J393
Brilliant Island Sky D2519
Bubblemaker B3704
Butterfly Face A2202
Butterfly Flame Tree A2303
Cape Disappointment Lighthouse
Cardinal Red
Chakra MB_K1417
Chimp Point Of View
Coleman Lantern
Cougar A2502
Cross Light Background MURAL
Dahlia Patch Blossoms C1419
Dahlia Closeup B1020
Dahlia Triplet C2119
Daisy Forest
Dandelion Picnic Sketch
Dandelion Picnic Watercolor
Deer Buck A2602
Deer Three J3002
Deer in the USA
Dinosaurs, StegoT-Rex I1214
Doe Muley C1919
Dog Bulldog I0805
Dog Golden Lab Oil G1007
Dog Golden Lab Pencil K4306
Dog Hurley
Dog Rottweiller
Dog Tasha A3202
Dolphins A3402
Dolphins Black A3302
Donkey Then Jesus Said F1014
Dont Rush a Good Thing I304
Dragon Bio Mechanical Tattoo
Dragonfly In The Sun G1618
Dragon Sketches
Drifting Maple Leaf A0119
Eagle Dolphin With Flag A1203
East Basin Beyond C1320
Egret A3602
Elephant A877
Elk Bull A1001
Elk In Trees A994
Elk Park B0109
Envy Greed Gluttony G09007
First Snow Walk C1719
FL Beach Cruise C0707
FL Dancing Cyprus C0507
FL Dive Discovery C0607
FL Everglade Spirit C0807
FL Musica C0107
FL Orange Flavored Drama C0207

FL Roller Coaster Flash C007
FL Splash Delights C0307
Foot of Mercury.html
Foxes Two A1101
Frosty Morning Visiters C0718
Garage Sale A1098
Genesse ID L2011
Ginger Red J1305
Giraffe A1194
Goosers Horse Shoe Lake E300
Guild School F3904
Gull Seagul A1201
Henson James CD Cover
Hillyard Skate Park G104
Horse Ink Shadows G3306
Horse Shoe Lake Boat Reflections L604
Horse Shoe Lake Near Waterfall I0905
Horse Sketches Chaulk B0606
Horse Spirits Seven K404
Hotel Moscow ID L2111
Hot New Word B5002
Huckleberry Kitchen
Huckleberry Moose Spool H3906
Hula Anna K5206
Hummingbirds Seven J1516
Hummingbirds Pencil B0705
Hummingbirds Watercolor A5104
Hummingbirds With Bee I0905
Ice Cream Headache D4204
Jazz G1114
Jesus Focus K1920
Kitty Lick A2101
Kitty Nap A2301

Kitty On a Couch A2501
Koolau's Haiku K504
Lavender Festival Portrait B0712
Lewiston Grade ID L1911
Lillies White D1013
Lily White A0413
Lion A3702
Mama's Miracle I0109
Manito Japanese Garden J33a18
Market Street Market MURAL
Mountain Lion Snarl A5604
Mouse Talking
Newport Video Store MURAL
Northside Family Medicine's MURAL
Nude Charcoal A1599
Nude Female J1105
Nude Watercolor C0906
Nyberg MURAL
Orchid Lily Ponds A3802
O' Tahiti É J1205
Owl Hawk A2801
Panther Black A1800
Peacemaker B6004
Pele's Hanohano E0505
Photo Frenzie Backdrops
Pink Dahlia Solitary C2019
Plumeria White Yellow J1705
Plumeria Tree Blossoms J1405
POPA Backdrops
Portrait 3 Women A2403
Portrait Attitude E1213
Portrait CC L0108
Portrait FD E0514
Portrait FD Kids E0814
Portrait F Nath E0414
Portrait F Nikki E0914
Portrait F NM E0714
Portrait FS E0614
Portrait Girl on Phone A3902
Portrait Heather and Pete
Portrait Indi Girl Kitty
Portrait IS B0513
Portrait JC
Portrait KS J1005
Portrait LB E3106
Portrait RR 0113
Portrait SS H3606
Portrait TDC Nose
Portrait TDC Surprise
Rachel Leilani B2503
Rainbow Isle A2289
Ram A2385
Ram King Mountain B6104
Rhino Reva
Room With A View B0506
Rooster Fair I0209
Rose Bouquet Red A4002
Rose Red A2901
Riverfront Clock Tower D2219
Riverfront Pavillion Willow D2319
Salt Shaker Open I0609
Scimitar Sharp Turns C1420
Shaka A105
Skykhomish Highway 2 A2591
Sour Lemons Sketch L604
Storm Approaching H0309
Sunset Double Take Water D2419
Sun Thru Snowy Trees L804
Swan Trumpet A3001
Tiger A4102
Treeline Invitation A6504
Trinity Signs
Turning Point, I Stood at the A4202
Turtle Discovery A2991
Twin Lakes Inchelium WA A3095
Victory Outreach MURAL
VO Sketch 1
VO Sketch 2
VO Watercolor to Scale
Waterfall in the Northwest D013
Waterhole I6604
Waterhole Sketch F3003
Windy A4302

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