Market Street Market MURAL

Market St. Market MURAL

20'h+ x 240'w (5,120sf) mural on exterior CMU & Metal. I designed the mural layout, painted a continuous background and then chalk-lined the images so that other volunteer artists could do their 20 ft sections. I finish painted two areas, "RA Hansen" who is the man that invented the wheat combine bearing that allows harvesting with a combine on sloped land, and, the section with the "owl in the tree" separating the metal warehouse surface from the concrete building structure.

This building was a large warehouse on the east side of Market street across the street from the swimming pool. It was a community “Flea Market” on the weekends for years. Unfortunately, this entire building has been torn down to make way for the north south highway viaduct expansion along the railway tracks in northern Hillyard, Spokane Washington. This work is no longer available to see.