Don't Rush a Good Thing I304

48.75"w x 48.75"h x 1.5"t. Oils rub-out technique painting with young boy at a carnival gettDon't Rush a Good Thing I304ing an ice cream headache from rushing a good thing.

This painting was lost at Holy Family Hospital's, Shamrock Gala Fundraiser in 2007

Don’t Rush a Good Thing I304 a self framed 48.75"w x 48.75"h x 1.5"t oil painting on textured board.  It is multi-coated with Damar varnish, which is glossy and gives a warm amber glow to the colors underneath. It is an oil painting done using a technique called rub-out oils which I learned from a master artist named, “Louis Maestas” late in 2004 at a Sandpoint Idaho workshop.  You can Google him on the internet and see fabulous native American portraiture using this rub-out oils technique with a very limited palette.  He is nothing short of amazing with his skills and his teaching.  Prior to meeting Louis, I had never used oil paints and now they are really a favorite part of my studio life.  This was one of the first paintings done after the weekend workshop with Louis.  It idea was inspired by my son, who is incapable of eating ice cream without getting a brain freeze, even as an adult.  While I was painting it, he called home and asked me not to make it look like him… so it doesn’t.  You can see the idea in pencil that does, “Ice Cream Headache”.