I am always open to accept special order work or commissions. Portraits landscapes,human, pet or wildlife. Book publishing layout and illustration.It helps if you see an example of work here on the website that is similar to what you are looking for -- please refer to it when you contact me.

Please send a good description of what you want along with any sketches or photographs that you may have attached. What is your timeframe? When do you need the project completed?

I answer emails each day but I do not stay online 24/7 because if I did I would never get any work done, I do check messages during the workdays. I do not work on weekends because I do have a family and a life.

Please feel free to email me or....
check out happenings on my blog anytime or on
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Contact me by phone if you like, remember that I live in the Inland Nortwest in Washington State so it is (PST) Pacific Standard Time zone.