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Valerie Woelk
...commission artist,

illustrator & writer

Experiencing bright colors, customs, and a wide range of cultures all around her while growing-up in the tropics, her art has bright unexpected and unusual color combinations. Current inspirations are derived from her rural Northwest life, including sports, wildlife, figure drawing and landscapes. She is called to the canvas with a goal, “To produce art that inspires a feeling that will walk-away-with-you after your encounter.

The majority of Valerie's work is in commission work. Illustration, portraiture, and graphic design. Other venues such as murals and public were also part of her repertoire. Storyboarding was a venue that has been quite enjoyable as well. Due to non-disclosure agreements not many storyboard images are available to share. For color images she uses oils, watercolors, or acrylics. For black and white using pen & ink, pencil, chaulk and charcoal always utilizing a surreal representational style that is typically very colorful with dramatic lighting.

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